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Transformational Art

All art has the potential to be a powerful transformational experience:
Giving us the courage to dream and to imagine...

As we know, this is a challenging time in human history and will require a revolution in perception, if we are to move through this period in productive and creative ways. To survive and thrive, we will have to rise to this daunting challenge. We'll have to jettison lot's of baggage, baggage we've picked up in the CULTural supermarket, where we've received a shopping cart full of identity trapping (TRAPpings)...Yes, it's time to pick up the channel changer; time to move out beyond our dysfunctional past: a time of rebirth and renewal.

In my years of teaching and being taught by my students, (in the end, we're all students, that is, if we choose to continue to be alive and vital): Insights began to revealing themselves to me...would wash over me; first in subtle ways, then more profoundly. I began to see art as a deeply powerful process of unfolding complexity - and yet composed of simple truths; truths transcending what we think of as the art process; realizations that took me to the core of my being, perhaps even touching the essence of life itself.

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."-Carl Jung Art has the potential to cast us out beyond our superficial selves, beyond the persona so carefully built in the ego world, a world of separation. As the philosopher, J. Krishna Murti said, "The illusion of separation is the cause of all conflict". That conflict becomes very evident when we struggle with drawings or paintings that aren't working: usually a result of our seeing separate elements and missing their integrated nature, their inseparable relationships. The implication of seeing all we observe as one interplay, extends far beyond the art process; and is filled with the potential to reach deeply into every aspect of our relationship to life. Playing in the field of art gives us a rich opportunity to develop our observational skills and to play with the possibilities that art offers. What a pity so few of us continue art beyond childhood...

Yet, our creative impulses cry out for our attention, our understanding and our transformation. Art is an inspiring and beautiful way to play in the field of possibilities and to birth new ways of being. Doing art has the potential to inform our lives and to help us live our dreams. Art gives us the tools to give life to our visions and to create and enrich our stories. In creating art we begin to see and to embrace the universal oneness that reveals itself to hearts open to this profound experience of awakening.

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain".-Carl Jung

Yes, it's the universe that art allows us to experience... tearing away as it does, the illusion of separation, to reveal a tapestry of interrelationships that we're a part of... More and more, feelings of gratitude become an integral part of the art experience,,, and a huge compensation for those moments of frustration when the art process isn't cooperating with our intentions.