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James Joseph working on an sculpture

Art critics and enthusiasts share their praise for
James Menzel-Joseph's Art & Survival in the 21st Century...

"When a brilliant and distinguished artist in two media offers you an insight into their work, you listen particularly if you are an artist. When they are wise, as well, and turn their attention to exploring how each of our lives is a creation unfolding on the canvas of time, you open your heart and your being to their wisdom – particularly if you are a seeker on a path of self-discovery and beauty. Art and Survival is the articulate offering of such an artist. I hope it informs the creative act that you are, as much as it has impacted mine."
Martin Weiner, Ph. D. – Sculptor/Philosopher

Art & Survival in the Twenty-first Century

"I cannot imagine a more perfect artist, writer and educator than Jim Menzel-Joseph to present a holistic understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the 21st-century artist. Anyone contemplating what it means to live life as an artist, or anyone who wants to have a more creative approach to life, will find this far-ranging book a constant source of inspiration and encouragement."
Richard Waxberg, Former Instructor – Parsons School of Design, New York City

James Menzel-Joseph has written a deeply personal account, filled with inspiring imagery. A former Marine, no stranger to the horrors of war, his writings reflect the direct experience of a seeker who came to understand the madness that has brought such suffering, death and devastation to countless millions. He also shows us how artists and writers are exploited by the myth making industry; the mouthpiece of corporate power, "Whether selling us on the latest war or on deadly pesticides." He contrasts those horrors with the absolute joy of capturing an infinite moment. "Play is at the heart of the creative process," is his most passionate message.
Lynn Hauge, Painter / Mathematician / Teacher