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Power Armor Art

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure illusion. The flag waving nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.
– George Orwell

As artists, do we want to continue to be part of a propaganda machine that glorifies violence and armoring rather than love and openness? I say we artists can do better than that. We can do better than being part of a dark and unloving, unfeeling propaganda machine... a machine that depends on creating division, hatred and violence. The glorification of violence is essential for those in power to maintain their disproportionate wealth and domination. Their ultimate goal is robotics. In the meantime however, they're doing a stunning job of robotizing humans... this is particularly evident in the general lack of humanity, sensitivity and feeling exhibited in most armor art. I say again, as artists, we're better than that.

Tens of thousands of murders have seeped into our consciousness, through the dumbing and deadening mass media; which has exposed us to a withering assault on our senses and on our souls. I say enough...We deserve better. However, the truth is, if we want better we're going to have to fight for it. This is a struggle to find out who we truly are underneath the persona, the mask. It is a struggle to reclaim our soul... To cast off the cartoon identity those lusting after power would like us to be.

Because of my experience as a combat marine in Korea, I've looked deeply into that war and other horrific battlegrounds such as the relentless, merciless and bloody European conquests of the Americas, Africa and Asia. My thorough inquiry into the causes of our incursions, invasions and wars of conquest has been shattering. I learned that empires demonize and dehumanize whoever happens to be "the enemy."

I've discovered some liberating realities with the assistance of those much wiser and more insightful than I: empire builders distort and rarely tell the truth, for they are always about self-preservation – preservation at all costs. Clever, deceitful and cunning, their efforts are relentless and ruthless. They mask their plundering in the guise of concern for the common good.

The truth is, we are all in service to the empire makers, a world-wide effort to control the world's oil, water, timber, land, mineral resources and labor. In order to survive, most of us are harnessed to their goals. We are enforcing world domination in the military and building the tools of war. Increasingly, more and more of our national resources are devoted to maintaining hegemony and domination both at home and abroad. It's the whole enchilada – served up in the name of democracy. What I have discovered is that as a nation we fear democracy. Wherever we find it – Chile, Jamaica, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, Korea, Iran, Indonesia, Venezuela – we replace it with puppet regimes. The history is clear. Even our own country's elections have become a very sick joke, a thin and faded facade of democracy.

A true democracy can only exist with an awakened and educated populace. That includes you and me. Are we up to the challenge?

Do we want to continue to be part of this killing machine mentality? To have ourselves and others manipulated, used, abused and forgotten in the back wards of rat infested VA hospitals? Do we want to continue to extend our killing machine over the planet, while at home poverty stalks our communities. As artists, let us create new visions. Visions that will inspire love and oneness. Visions that will expose the racket that war and violence is.

Visions to create a milieu such that when a war is declared no one will show up. Yes, then we can get about the real work of restoring a livable planet earth... That is something to be inspired by and will require much more creativity and imagination than power armor art.

So we might all consider laying down the armor and exploring yet unimaginable creativity.