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Meditation Art

Playing in the field of art is for me the deepest of meditations.

In fact art is a meditation in the deepest sense of that word. Art offers us moments of total focus and laser like clarity. I say moments because art allows us to experience each moment as vital and alive, rather than just another ho-hum day, often passing through us as an unnoticed possibility. Without our experiencing the potential fullness, the richness possible in each passing day, our lives too can slip away as a series of lost and unnoticed creative potentials.

I have friends, experienced meditators, who spend lots of time on a cushion. Stillness of mind, focus, presence, the disappearance of the ego all appear to be their objective. I admire their diligence and intension and what they're achieving. I'm also clear that it's not my journey. No, for me it's the artist's journey. Yes, art is my meditation. Creating art is my opportunity to experience life fully, moment by moment.

We're all on this plain of existence for just a fleeting moment in time. If we can live that precious moment in love, joy and in awe of the shear wonder of it, we are truly fortunate.

That's what art offers you, offers me. If we're so inclined and inspired. This is our moment. All there ever really is is a series of flowing energetic moments. So it seems only rational to breathe life into each of these moments.

We need to be fully present to do our art in an empowering way. Doing art offers us the opportunity to get out of our heads, to fully engage the reality of the creative process with its immediate demands and not to be preoccupied or distracted by dis empowering and destructive head games...That is, of course, if we really want to live fully.

So please, let us not waste our time on the all too common mind games. We play these games when we're fearful of confronting the creative and artistic challenges in our lives, mostly for fear of failure. Let us take our fears with us into the challenges of the moment, while at the same time keeping our creative vision alive. Let gratitude fill our hearts and drive out demons.

All there is is process, a continual unfolding... No arrival point. So let us enjoy the journey! Continually sharpen our observational skills in life as in art. Enjoy the play and our role in the drama. We are the writers, directors and the principal actors. It's our choice: High drama? Tragedy? Comedy? Personally, I prefer comedy. If we can't see the comedy in all of this, we're simply not paying attention.

Our deepest meditations require our stepping into and surrendering to the fact that you, that we, live in an ego illusion that blinds us from reality most of the time. We are all reflections to varying degrees of a deeply flawed and alienated culture. There is nothing personal here, this is just what's so... Our great opportunity is to live as a possibility, to recognize and strip away our ego concerns, to be one with all that is, to live the mystery as nature reveals herself to us, for we too are nature. To be with, to experience this truth is for me, the deepest of meditations.

For me, creating art has been the vehicle for profoundly transformative and meditative experiences.
My fondest hope is that you too can experience unfolding awareness and joy in your explorations.