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Transformational Art

All art has the potential to be a powerful transformational experience and to give us the courage to dream and to imagine. Our creative impulses cry out for our attention…will you answer?
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Meditation Art

Art is a meditation in the deepest sense of that word, offering moments of total focus and laser like clarity. Without our experiencing the potential fullness, the richness possible in each passing day, our lives too can slip away as a series of lost and unnoticed creative potentials.
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Power Armor Art

As artists, do we want to continue to be part of a propaganda machine that glorifies violence and armoring rather than love and openness? I say we artists can do better than that.
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Art Therapy's Profound Healing Potential

Few of us can achieve balance and wholeness without art as an integral part of our lives. Art is simply about experiencing wholeness or at least exploring that possibility in our moment to moment experiences.
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